Friday, November 21, 2008

Another Fun Friday Night!!

Here I am again, filling you in on some great giveaways as I sit here with some coffee cake and a cup of tea!!

*Momma Findings has a Pillsbury set to giveaway!
*Momma Findings has a Pirates crayon roll to giveaway!
*Cool Baby Kid has a grandparents memory book to giveaway!
*Amanda has a Creative Vado pocket video camera to giveaway!
*Amanda has an orbitz gift basket to giveaway!
*Lipstick to Crayons has Uncommonly Cute tees to giveaway!
*TotallyHer has Imagiplay toys to giveaway!
*My Boys has a SoMi baby sleepsack to giveaway!
*3 P's Mama Says... has Green Toys gardening kit to giveaway!
*Sandra has a Land's End lighthouse duffel to giveaway!
*Sandra has a Mutsy Spider Stroller to giveaway!
*5 Minutes for Mom has a Poingo starter set to giveaway!
*Parent Reviewers has Smaller shoes to giveaway!
*Centsible Mommy has a Happy Green Bee outfit to giveaway!
*Peanut Butter & Pickles has a Scentsy warmer giveaway!
*Blessings Abound has Smaller shoes to giveaway!
*Simple has a Slanket to giveaway!
*Funky Finds has an Etsy Dallas Jingle Bells giveaway!
*7 Dogs & a Baby has a Plan Toys dancing alligator to giveaway!
*Busy Mommy has a Radio Flyer turtle to giveaway!
*An Island Review has a $25 Target card and Pledge to giveaway!
*A Mom's Review has Olan Mills packages and cake and frosting to giveaway!

So long, farewell... After all this reading, my peepers are tired and its time to catch up on some zzz's!! Good night to all and thank you everyone for having such great giveaways!!


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