Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tea and Blogs

Once again, here is my "me" time. After a very hectic 2 days I get to unwind with a cup of tea and catching up on my bloggies!! Lil' Buddy went for his 3 month check up and once again, he's a tank!! While we were there I discussed with his pediatrician whether the rest of us should get flu shots, and or course we should, they said that they would do Boug's shot right then and there. The girl was AMAZING!! No flinch, no tears, no screaming, nothing. As the nurse said goodbye and turned to leave the room, Boug shouted out to her "Thank you!!" The kid THANKED the nurse for giving her a shot... c'mon, I can't make this crap up!! Lil' Buddy has what I thought was a diaper rash that I couldn't clear up. Unfortunately its fungal and that's why I couldn't clear it up, the pediatrician wrote a script for an ointment to take care of it. I went to fill the prescription at CVS and it wound up costing me $50!!! And that's with insurance!! Now I really dont mind as long as it works, but if I wasted $50 on some ointment that doesn't work I'm going to be upset.

Boug and I were able to have some 1 on 1 time today which was very nice even if it was only going to run some errands. Her and I dont get much time to ourselves anymore. We must remember how important it is not to cast our older children aside when a new baby enters the household. Easier said than done but we have to do it.

Catching up on what I missed--

*Free Birthday Treats Blog has a chex basket to giveaway!
*Mama Sparkles has a chex basket to giveaway too!
*Fabulous Fun Finds has a Kaboost chair booster to giveaway!
*Simple is giving away a diaper doodie!
*Busy Mommy has a $25 Little Jet Set gift card to giveaway!
*Mamanista has a pair of Smaller shoes to giveaway!
*Chic Shopper Chick has jammies for the whole family to giveaway!
*5 Minutes for Mom has a Sudz and Bubbles $50 gift card to giveaway!
*Frugal Penguin has a $15 starbucks gift card to giveaway!
*An Ordinary Life has a pillsbury savorings gift to giveaway!
*Superdumb Supervillian has a slanket to giveaway!
*My Thoughts, Ideas & Ramblings has a $50 Barnes & Noble gift card to giveaway!
*The Giveaway has a large toy from Creative Toyshop to giveaway!
*Chic Shopper Chick has south n france bon-bons to giveway!
*Savvy Housewife has a Build-a-Bear card to giveaway!
*Chocolate Bytes has a Ferrero chocolates collection to giveaway!

There's lots of great stuff going on all over the web!! I'm going to start touring blogs and reviewing them over the next few days... stay tuned!!


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