Saturday, November 15, 2008

Friday night fun!

Here I am home once again on a Friday night, sipping tea, reading blogs, listening to Jimmy Kimmel and hoping that the children don't wake up. Most people my age are out partying, drinking, being crazy and being 26. I did all that when I was 18 through 21. Its out of my system, but still I cant help but think about what some of my friends are doing tonight and how much I would just love to escape for an evening and hang with the girls. Maybe I'm feeling a little self pity, as I got into a major huge phone blowout with my mother tonight and that never feels good. But in the words of Dane Cook, "I just wanna dance, I wanna dance in a circle with our purses in the middle and just dance..."

Where I've been tonight--
*The Glamorous WAHM has mink baby booties to giveaway!
*A Mom's Review has a Build-a-Bear gift card to giveaway!
*Mamanista has a $50 Marshall's gift card to giveaway!
*A Frog in my Soup has a new Evenflo carseat to giveaway!
*Fractured Toy has a beautiful SAK purse to giveaway!
*A Cowboy's Wife has a $50 Wal-Mart card to giveaway!
*An Island Review has $25 to giveaway to 2 people!
*Bellaziza's Favorite Things has a Peg Perego carseat to giveaway!


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