Thursday, November 20, 2008

Blog Tour Visit #1

I'm starting my blog tour tonight!! I'll be going around to the blogs involved in the Family Review Network and checking them all out one by one. There are so many great blogs that are in this network and I am so proud to also be a part of it. I hope to get to know the other ladies out there and open some of my readers eyes to some really great blogs!! So without further ado... STOP #1 ON MY BLOG TOUR!!

First up-- 3 P's Mama Says...

Okay, holy moly- what a beautiful, festive blog design!! I can't even get my blog to look non-generic and this is a gorgeous wintery scene! I'm loving it!! Its such a nice layout with everything so organized, and easy on the eyes. I'm definately able to look at this blog and know exactly what I'm reading without getting overwhelmed. Alyson has so many awesome giveaways going on and there are currently 5 prize groups for a total of 16 gifts!! Super freakin' cool! Want Chatterchix? That runs through November 30th at noon time. Want a Haba pull toy? These are just the beginning and all are just in time for Christmas!!

3 P's Mama Says... reminds me a little of myself. Alyson is the mama to just that, 3 P's. I am the mama to 2 C's, for a total of 4 C's in my household. Alyson, you've got a special place with me girl!!

Alright, I'm concluding this leg of the tour with 3 P's Mama Says... by saying this is an awesome site with great giveaways!! I'll be back to visit most definately!!


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