Friday, November 21, 2008

Itty Bitty Pimples...

Without fail, lil' Buddy, my 3 month old, looks like he's just starting puberty. Just in time for holiday pictures... the very wonderful (and expensive) holiday pictures that I never thought I would be able to afford this year. The fabulous holiday picture package from The Picture People that I was lucky enough to win from TotSnob. (THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!) These pictures are saving my butt this year, I'll actually be able to give my parents and my in-laws a gift. I'm planning on giving beautiful framed Picture People photos to them of the children. But of course, the boy has broken out in BABY ACNE!!! And they aren't just tiny scattered pimples, they are pretty decent sized on his little cheeks and RED!! Really really red. So what is a wonderful thing, these great pictures, have now begun to stress me out uncontrollably. I really wanted to go fairly soon to get these done and now I'm so worried that his face isn't going to clear up!! So here's what I need to know, whats the best way to make baby zits inconspicuous? Are you taking your kids to get holiday pictures done? What will they be wearing? (I need some ideas on that one too!!)

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