Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Perusing the Blogosphere...

I love my blog, I honestly really really do, but its boring looking. Its pathetic looking and I am not a fan of that... Now with that said, this is my little corner of the world and my little time that I take out for myself. I don't work, though staying home with the kids is in fact a full time job. My husband works full time and money is tight. I'd love to purchase a custom blog design but it is just not in my budget. I've looked at the free ones online and I swear I can't even begin to understand how to make it work. I tried one today and it made my blog go all weird and then I had to somehow try to undo what I did. My head was spinning!! I NEED SOME HELP!!! So where my blog designers at yo? Anyone want to hold my hand and walk me though fixing my blog up all pretty like?

Check 'em out...
*Cool Baby Kid has Bella Tunno bibs to giveaway!
*A Cowboy's Wife has a $100 Home Depot gift card to giveaway!
*Mom Most Traveled has Eleven shoes to giveaway!
*Momma Findings has a For Goodness Sakes blog makeover to giveaway! (I want this BAD!!!!)
*Delicious Baby has a Flip video camera to giveaway!
*Lille Punkin' Reviews has a pair of U*neaks to giveaway!
*Fabulous Fun Finds has Babylegs to giveaway!
*Peekaboo has Yankers and a $50 gift certificate to giveaway!
*Mommies with Cents has Sensible Sippers to giveaway!
*Petit Elefant has a $25 Build-a-Bear gift card to giveaway!
*Life in a House of Blue has a Pillsbury set to giveaway!
*First Impressions has 2 pairs of Smaller shoes to giveaway!
*One Chic Mama has a Skip Hop Studio diaper bag to giveaway!
*Busy Mom has a pair of See Kai Run shoes to giveaway!
*Jo-Jo's Place has See Kai Run shoes to giveaway!
*Jo-Jo's Place has the ultimate gift basket to giveaway!
*Mamanista has a One Step Ahead stepping stone playmat to giveaway!
*Mama Sparkles has a pair of Smaller shoes to giveaway!
*Bellaziza's Favorite Things has a Recaro car seat to giveaway!
*BabySnazz has 20 PAIRS of BabyLegs to giveaway!
Win 20 Pairs of Baby Leg Warmers from babySNAZZ!
*Cool Baby Kid has an awesome launch prize package to giveaway!

Big thanks to everyone out there in the blogosphere with all these great lovely giveaways!! Stay tuned, my 2nd giveaway ever is going to be starting next week, so keep checkin' back for that!


CoolBabyKid November 19, 2008 at 3:50 PM  

Click through to Gisele on and check out her free designs. I used one for the 1st year of blogging. They are fantastic!!

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