Thursday, October 2, 2008

I forgot to write it out!!

As I sit here, I am realizing that I totally forgot to write out the rent check!! Granted, our landlords are really cool, and they live behind us so I don't need to wait for it to get there in the mail but I hate hate hate being late on the rent. I could take the kiddos and walk the rent check back to them, but lil' Buddy's sleeping and of course the stroller is in the car with my hubby at work. Lot of good its doing me there huh? They are only about a quarter mile behind our house, but I'm definately not feeling up to walking it with a 13 pound baby in my arms the whole way. He's a hefty boy!!

Today's giveaways!!
-Win a Flip Ultra camcorder from The Full Mommy.
-Sesame Street K'Nex being given away by Chic Shopper Chick.
-Savvy Housewife is giving away a whole bunch of Primo Water!
-Lipstick to Crayons has a Fight the Flu gift pack to give away including a diaper bag!

So I guess its time to tend to some kiddos, my mini-break during the day is short and I usually come on here at night. I'm currently avoiding doing dishes and laundry. Boug is sitting on the kitchen floor playing with Star Wars toys, I know, what a girlie-girl and a delicate little flower she is! LOL!! Lil' Buddy is chillin' on Boug's mini-couch and is actually content. I know that will be changing momentarily.


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