Wednesday, October 1, 2008

End and Beginning of the Month!!

Here are some more great giveaways I've been entering tonight. I worked till 9:15, so now its my veg out time...

-Sesame Street K'Nex giveaway over at SassyFrazz.
-Sign up to win a $50 gift certificate to Anonymous Venice from The Giveaway.
-Too cute, Tattoos for Tots are being given away by A Wresting Addicted Mommy.
-The most AMAZING Boon highchair is up for grabs from Berrie Sweet Picks!!
-Financial Learn is giving away $10 Amazon gift code.

I should really be heading to bed, but I tend to take full advantage of sitting here in the dark with sleeping kids and my husband in all different rooms. It really doesn't help that my absolute favorite show is on, Law & Order. I'm a huge SVU fan and Christoper Meloni is my celebrity crush. CI is on now and its a repeat, but I'm still watching it!! I think its a sickness when you'll watch the same episode of a show that you've already seen and you know you should be sleeping!


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