Monday, October 13, 2008


I didn't even realize how quickly halloween was approaching until I spoke with my mother in law today... and thank God that I talked to her! I was having a hard time with Boug's halloween costume this year because I like at least one part of it, every year, to be hand made. This year she wants to be Princess Leia, so my mother in law the craft queen is going to sew together a fleece Princess Leia robe so that Boug is warm while she's out trick or treating this year. I'll still be buying the bun hairpiece and I'll make the belt. Here's hoping she's recognizable!! LOL!! Lil' Buddy's going to be Darth Vader . I was going for Yoda, but hubby wouldn't have it. He's a "bad guy" fan, every movie he roots for the bad guy to win. "No son of his is going to be Yoda!!" Have your kids decided what they will be for halloween? What kind of candy are you going to be handing out? Leave a comment and let me know!!


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