Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sunny Saturday-

From the inside looking out, it looks like a gorgeous sunny Saturday, then you go outside... The wind is WHIPPING, its downright chilly. My parents and my aunt are up on a roof with my grandfather getting it fixed finally. Its been in shambles for a while and my grandfather has been putting off doing it, well finally its getting done. At my own home, there really isn't much that's in dire need of being done, maybe just a general clean up. We rent so I cant really have any home improvement projects going on. As much as my husband and I would LOVE to do some redecorating!! Whats on your list of things to do around the house??

Bloggy Fun!!
-Bratz Ponyz 2 for a Nintendo DS is being given away by 7 Dogs & a Baby!
-An Ordinary Life has a fabulous Step2 kitchen up for grabs!!
-Love Lands End! My Thoughts, Ideas & Ramblings is giving some away!
-An Island Review is giving away 10 1st Comes Love personalized holiday cards!


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