Monday, October 20, 2008

Oh dear-deer?

Today hubby went down to a coworkers house to expand his butchering knowledge. Now before you judge, its pretty redneck around here and there are lots of hunters. Theres a serious deer overpopulation and not enough people skillfully butchering deer meat. He went down and learned more about butchering deer. Rifle season is starting soon and he's gotta get up to par on his skills so he can make some money!! He took the camcorder
and taped it, then asked if I wanted to watch it when he got home!! ACK!! No thank you darling!!!

I've begun taking couponing much more seriously lately. Last week I went to the grocery store after carefully picking through their flyer and going through my coupons. I got nervous as the total went higher and higher, finally stopping at $199... I knew I couldn't afford almost $200 worth of groceries! Then the coupons began to come off... I went all the way down to $138!! I was so proud of myself, but I know that if I would have stuck with just the items that I had coupons for, my total bill would have been soooo lowww... I'm setting a goal, I want to get $100 worth of items for $10 with coupons! Think I can get it done???

Monday, monday....
-SassyFrazz has an iPod shuffle to give away to a commenter!!
-$50 Paper Shouts gift certificate giveaway at I'm No Supermom!!
-The Giveaway fullfilling its name with an Olive Kids prize pack giveaway!!
-Land's End giveaway going on over at A Mom's Review!!
-PB & Pickles is giving way Funky Monkey Snacks!!

One week to go till Bloggy Carnival!! I cant wait!! HOLLA!!


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