Thursday, October 23, 2008

We're Getting Closer!

I cannot believe its almost Halloween! Next thing you know Thanksgiving will be here, then the tree will go up... then its Santa time! Normally I'd be so excited, but this year funds are so tight I'm not too sure how I'm going to be able to shop for Christmas. Adults are cut off this year from presents. They are all getting homemade cookies. My nieces and nephew are getting scaled wayyyy down. The only gifts I'm spending any substantial amount of money on are for my daughter and son. Not that an itty bitty baby needs gifts, I just need to keep up the Santa Claus act so Boug doesn't get suspicious! The girl is 4 but she's too damn smart!! Whats your holiday budget this year? Are you cutting back or are you spending the same as previous years? Is anyone spending more than usual this year??

Checking out the bloggies, sitting drinking coffee on a Thirsty Thursday!
-Red Sox Mommy has babySNAZZ legwarmers up for grabs!
-See Kai Run shoes available over at Mom Most Traveled!
-I'm No Supermom (neither am I!) has a pair of Smaller shoes to give away!
-$25 Lu*Lu's gift card giveaway over at, you guessed it, The Giveaway!
-Livin' With Me has a $50 Bija Baby gift card ready to give out!
-Smaller shoes for your little ones tootsies over at Simple Finds!
-An Ordinary Life wants to know if you wanna Build-A-Bear!!
-The Kids Store personalized book up for grabs from Momma Findings!
-S.I.M.P.L.E. has a mini-cooking kit from Sassafras to give away!

Did anyone see the protesters trying to stand in front of Palin's motorcade? Come on people, the woman hunts moose and other big game... what makes you think she wont getcha??


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