Friday, June 5, 2009

What Time Is It??

I'm always always always asking what time it is!! The one accessory that I don't own, and I wish that I did is a watch. I used to wear watches back in high school, but I'm not sure what happened, they just stopped ending up on my wrist. With the 2 kids now, I feel like I never know what time it is and I always feel like I'm running late.

I've hinted at wanting a new watch for Christmas... then I hinted about wanting a new watch for Valentine's day... then I hinted about wanting a new watch for Mothers day... then I hinted about wanting a new watch for my Birthday... then I hinted about wanting a new watch again for Christmas.... almost 6 years with my husband and I still haven't gotten a new watch!

Its bad though, because I know that the hub wants a new watch as well. He generally uses his cell phone clock, but on his days off from work, he likes to dress fairly decent and a new watch would accompany his outfits nicely! I mean, 6 days a week wearing 3 layers in a 35 degree room, yeah... one wants to dress normal on their 1 day off a week. I'm thinking maybe Father's day or his Birthday. I'm not sure yet which one. Though the problem is that the husband has caviar taste and we live on a nacho chip budget. He's been eyeballin' Movado watches for far too long, thinking one day I'll buy him one, but its just never in the budget!! He's come a long long way over the past 6 years, battling alcoholism, ups and downs in our relationship, quitting smoking and soda, and just being the best dad that he can really be!

Is it wrong that instead of getting him a watch that he wants, that I would look into a budget for a watch we could afford?! I'd love to get him one of the Seiko Dive watches, cause they're more in our price range. And there's so many to choose from!! BlueDial carries every watch style and brand that you could possibly want, with free 2nd day shipping in the United States! And if anyone cares which one that I want... its this one...


kado! June 5, 2009 at 2:51 PM  

A few years back I got Sean an awesome Movado watch from they have some AWESOME deals on watches! It is still a super looking even went thru a car accident....the local Movado dealer fixed it right up! Check out the site when you are pricing watches...and I hope you get one soon too!

I have a beautiful very old vintage watch that was my is a died...and it is expensive to fix....I'm hanging on to it hoping someday I can get it for my "want" right now...I want a cool vintage SWATCH watch...they are SO back in least I think! =)

eddie October 19, 2011 at 8:54 PM  

I have always been interested in watches. Even as a little kid I liked watches.
Since a few year I am totally addicted to Movado watches.
Liked you post.
Will try to be back to see for more comments

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