Thursday, June 11, 2009

Father's Day Gift Guide!!

Out of ideas? Someone who's just too damn hard to shop for? My pops has everything and wants nothing!! When we came across VivaBox, it just made sense!! Its so much more personal than a gift card, but still has choices! With boxes like the BBQ, wine, coffee, gourmet to your door and more, there's got to be a VivaBox that suits! You get to pick the theme of the VivaBox, check out the goodies inside that relate to the theme and then head online to redeem the card that comes along with the VivaBox so they can choose their final part of their present!!

Men need pampering too!! Though the hub has decided for the past year to keep his hair short, he used to keep it longer with these great waves that he never did a damn thing with... then it would get too long and look all ratty over his ears. He'd always have a hat on because he never knew what to actually do with his hair!! Axe has since stepped in to help remedy the hair crisis that is going on with men these days! Thank goodness!! With products like their 2 in 1, anti-dandruff, spiking lotion and more, with cool names like armor, lure, whatever and charged to name a few, these smell manly and are definitely NOT girly items that are up for sharing!

Settling in at home for a laid back Father's day? Spending time together as a family is one of the few things that my own Father asks for each year and my husband as well. But brunch and BS'ing is getting to be the same old same old every year. This year we're having a game tournament that everyone can participate in!! Hasbro games like Battleship, Risk and Connect 4 are on our list and I can't wait to whoop some butts!! Maybe I'll let my dad or my husband win once or twice, being that its Father's day and all... no promises though. Hasbro has so many options and so many types of games for you to plan your own game day event!

Can't have a holiday without a card of course! This year we'll be giving Daddy a Hallmark Card with sound!! I love that you can just get a little more personal than a regular paper card with Hallmark's cards with sound. And for total convenience, you can buy Hallmark cards online, they'll even address, stamp and mail them for you!! For even more of a last minute need, you can always go for one of their e-cards too!!

Stay tuned for more along with some fabulous giveaways for your Father's Day needs!!


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