Monday, June 15, 2009

Dancin' with Baby Banana!

We're a very musical family and even though Boug loves pretty much ALL music that we listen to, she loves to have CDs of her own, specifically kid's music that she can sing and dance to!!

We received Debi Derryberry's Baby Banana CD and immediately Boug wanted it in the CD player, so of course, in it went. Within minutes Boug was bouncing all over, dancing and singing, and she hadn't even got past the first song!!
The Baby Banana CD follows the story of Baby Banana, Momma Duck, Daddy Gorilla and their life in the tropical forest. The whole CD is loaded with happy-dancey (as Boug says) fun, tropical sounding music!!

About Debi Derryberry:

In addition to her successful career as one of Hollywood’s most active voice-over artists, multi-talented kids’ entertainer Debi Derryberry is passionate about writing and performing in front of live audiences. “Not a day goes by,” Debi says, “when I don’t think about a new verse, or melody, or idea for a story that I’d like to share.” Probably best known as “the voice of Jimmy Neutron,” Debi is very excited about her latest creative endeavor: the delightful preschool children’s character, “Baby Banana.”

Make sure to head over to the Baby Banana site and check out the music video and the fun stuff to do there! There are also games, activities, coloring and recipes!!


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