Friday, June 12, 2009

Name Comforts Firefly!!

When a new baby arrives, its hard to make decisions about breastfeeding versus formula or a combination of the two. Each person has something different that they're comfortable with and I was most comfortable formula feeding both Boug and Lil' Buddy. Then you have to decide on a formula to use if you go that route which can be time consuming in itself!! There are so many choices and so many options!!

Comforts Baby Formula is fortified with all the vitamins and minerals that your little sweetie needs for their first year. Not only that, it has DHA and ARA, which is prime for mental and visual development. Comforts Baby Formula also has choline and lactose, which are nutrients naturally found in breastmilk, as well as other nutrients found there that help the immune system! And of course, it meets FDA standards!

Now, I love me some contests and Comforts Baby Formula is holding a great one right now!! Its running through July 31st and you can enter too!! To enter, you have to submit a winning name for the Comforts brand adorable little Firefly!! Its so adorable and there are so many names that would fit the little guy! Kroger owned stores are holding this contest and you can win a $10,000 scholarship!!

What would I name the little guy?? I'm not sure... maybe Comfie? Its so hard to come up with something that fits and is orginal, cause there's just so many great ideas for naming this guy!! And a $10,000 scholarship would sure help out for when college rolls around!! It'll be before we know it!!

Comforts for Baby asks that you enter the contest online by visiting You must include all information requested on the online entry form, including the original name you created for the Comforts for Baby firefly, in 25 characters or less. The winning entry and the name of the winner will be announced online after September 21, 2009.



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