Saturday, June 13, 2009

Diane Birch CD Review

I can get lost in music... I end up tuning out the kids and the husband and the next thing you know I hear my husband saying "Case, CASEY... did you even hear what I just said??!!" Diane Birch
's new CD is one of those that I caught myself getting lost into.

Diane Birch filled this cd with unique, original, soulful sounds. I'd love to be able to compare her to someone, but I cant. She's got a one of a kind voice with a one of a kind sound that hits you. Think along the lines of Norah Jones, Corrine Bailey Rae, Carly Simon and the like... Its simply amazing. Its hard to narrow down which song on the album is my favorite, but I'm really leaning toward "Mirror, Mirror."

About Diane:

The daughter of a preacher, living between Zimbabwe, South Africa and Australia, before her parents finally settled in Portland, Oregon, Diane Birch absorbed a unique and very cosmopolitan perspective on life and rapidly cultivated a very individual style that defies categorization. The buzz is building as Music Week announced, "Diane has a voice and songwriting ability that will connect with truly global audiences."
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You can check out a mp3 download at rcrdlbl or check out her myspace page!


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