Sunday, June 7, 2009

Its an evolution....

The one thing I can't stand about showering is shaving. First off, I rush rush rush every time I shower because the little guy WONT let me take a shower at all!! So, as unfortunate as it is, the leg shaving gets put aside because I cant bear to listen to Lil' Buddy sitting in his walker screaming his head off for me to get out.

EOS, evolution of smooth, has got to be my new favorite showering product. The ultra moisturizing shave cream has got to be the best for my neglected legs, and being able to shave wet or dry, because of how thick and moisturizing EOS is, is a huge perk!

And I love that when I purchase all those other metal cans that say "rust proof bottom" but still leave rust rings in my shower... yeah, I friggen love that... But EOS is really rust proof!! It comes in a fully recyclable plastic bottle that really cannot rust! And completely recyclable - Awesome!

In fragrances like Island blue, Vanilla bliss, Cucumber melon, Lavendar jasmine and Pomegranite raspberry, there's something for everyone and even for those who are a bit sensitive, there's the Fragrance free- Sensitive variety!

You can purchase EOS products online at as well as select retailers in your area! A & P, Target and other places- you can search online for one near you.


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