Sunday, June 7, 2009

Wearing and Learning

Lil' Buddy got a new BioME5 shirt the other day!! These shirts are just so damn adorable!! Not only by wearing the shirt can you learn a letter of the alphabet, you can learn something that begins with that letter by picture and the spelling of the word.

BioME5 shirts are 100% certified organic cotton and USA made. The BioMe5 animal alphabet project was inspired by visual learning, and I think its just genius! Here's one thing that separates BioME5 animal shirts from others... the letters spelling the name of the animal are upside down. Make sense? Kids can actually read the letters while wearing the shirt!! These aren't shirts just for novelty, know what I mean? And the animals depicted in the shirts aren't just common animals- They feature shirts like Q, Quail, and R, Rhinoceros.

About BioME5 from the site:

bioME 5, is inspired by the Earth's various natural biomes (communities of organisms adapted to a particular environment) such as: desert, grasslands, aquatics, forests, and tundra. All animals in our Alphabet Project inhabit and depend on these environments for their development and survival.

With tee shirts and infant bodysuits available, they have something for the bigger kids and the littler kids. And they have my favorite type of clothing coming soon- animal alphabet long sleeved jumpsuits! You can check their stores by state at their website, or order from online retailers!,


Unknown June 7, 2009 at 3:39 PM  

What a cute shirt. i'll be sure to check them out, thanks!

kado! June 8, 2009 at 1:13 PM  

how cute are those! I ♥ them! oldest Quentyn knew the letter "Q" first....and all about quails! So to him that is not unique!! I'd love to get him one of the Q shirts...wonder how big they come!

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