Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Rock Cool Clothes On Your Kids!

How stoked was I when the greatest "I Love Kung Food" tee came for Lil' Buddy from Urban Bratz! Of course, I say this because its got the greatest cartoony picture of a pizza karate fighting a hot dog and it just made me crack up, not only that, my little guy is a TANK and anything food related is just very fitting!

Urban Bratz carries some of the best clothes for kids to make you laugh or make a statement. I love that Lil' Buddy can be witty and cute, even for only being almost 10 months old! I especially love the Metallica styled "Mommas Boy" shirt, cause we all know that Lil' Buddy is a ridiculous mommas boy!!

From the site:

Urban Bratz is a cool new line that is geared towards hipster parents of infants and toddlers who like to rock cool clothes on their kids. Instead of just printing a quirky motto tee, we think it is way more fun to add some cool graphics to them as well. We only use the finest quality Tees and ink that are CPSC certified and are made of the highest quality fabrics, especially for the comfort and safety of your little dude or dudette.
And we can't forget the chicas... with adorable shirts like the "Sorry Boys, My Daddy says I can't date til I'm 30" tee, the girls can be sassy and witty as well!! That one would be so perfect for Miss Boug!!

The perfect gift for someone who's expecting twins? Urban-Bratz "I Rock/ I Roll" set!! How freakin' adorable!!


Unknown June 9, 2009 at 7:32 PM  

that shirt is super cute! I'm off to check their site :)

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