Sunday, June 21, 2009

Safe Sunday

A wonderful woman that I admire is starting a "Safe Sunday" at her site, A Blessed Mommy of Six. Trina's an amazing woman who went from having 2 kids to having 6 kids overnight and anything that I can do to help her shine a light on child abuse, I will.

From A Blessed Mommy of Six:

It’s time for all of us to start standing up against child abuse. Every Sunday I will make a blog called “Safe Sunday” the blog will be stories or stats on child abuse. I am asking all of my friends to do the same and ask their friends to also do the same. So many people turn their head and close their eyes when it comes to child abuse. It’s time to open our eyes and see these stats are not going to get better until we all take action. Everyday children should be safe we can atleast take one day a week to speak out against child abuse.

Children use the internet everyday and many use blogs it takes one child to read our Safe Sunday blogs and reach out for help. We can save our children one child at a time. Let's blog our way into a safer more healthy future for our children.

We all have time to get on the internet we can make time to post on Safe Sunday's and help our children of the future, no child should ever be abused or neglect. The post could be a short post with a hotline number or a website for them to get help, it could be a story of abuse or even your own story. You could even post the same post every Sunday as long as we are posting we CAN change the future.


If you are being abused or neglected please visit

Please take a minute and visit Trina's site and let her know that you'll post this on your site too!


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