Friday, June 5, 2009

What is your fitlosophy?

As many of you know, I began my EA Sports Active 30 Day challenge on the 1st, but to go along with that, I've made some other changes in my life. I've been attempting to eat better, no snacking late at night (its killing me!) and definintely drink more water (I live on coffee!).

There's one thing that I've found that has been making life so much easier and that is the FitBook. Its awesome!! It is the perfect size, not too big, not too small- easy enough to toss into a purse or a gym bag. Though sometimes getting started is the hardest part, the FitBook makes it so much easier, with sample planning pages, sample workout pages, and food log guides. My favorite part has to the Goal Setting 101, since thats one of the toughest areas for me. There's even an area to record your measurements you can know what type of progess you're making! My favorite section though is definitely the food log, that's my big downfall... mindless eating. The FitBook's food log definitely helps keep me on track by seeing what I'm actually eating in any given day!

The idea behind the FitBook is simple and with the FitBook, its been convenient to follow through-

1. Have a game plan!
Set your 12 week goals- then set smaller goals ona weekly basis so you have a plan for achieving your long-term goals!

2. Track Your Progress!
Record your workouts and log your food intake- research shows that the act of just putting this info down on paper is key to reaching your goals.

3. Reach Your Goals!
Reflect on your 12 week goals, log your accomplishments, and reward yourself! Then get ready to plan your next 12 weeks!

You can pick up a FitBook all of your own at the site for $19.95, or you can pick up 4 (a years worth) for $74.95... or maybe you have a workout group going? How perfect would it be with everyone having their own FitBook!?

Big thanks to Angela at FitBook and EM for making this review possible!!


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