Sunday, May 17, 2009

Green and Safe

We love to do things around here that are EASY to help out the environment, because I'm having somewhat of a hard time changing my ways from being so careless. Same with the hub, but we're trying to "train" Boug and Lil' Buddy to just do things for the environment without thought, as if that's the only way that it should be. We have so many stupid plastic toys that should have never been bought, bought carelessly and not thinking about how its made, the packaging etc... Though finding Green Toys Inc. has been a huge eye opener in the world of environmentally responsible playthings!

Boug got the Sand Play Set, and even though we haven't made a trip to the beach yet this summer, its still being used for so much around here. She's especially been using the shovel, rake and bucket for helping her daddy with his gardening!! The next thing on her Green Toys Inc. wishlist is the Indoor Gardening Kit!! I know that the trucks and the tool set are going to be something for the Lil' Buddy when he gets a bit bigger!!

Robert and Laurie started Green Toys Inc. and it their toys are reducing fossil fuel usage and greenhouse emmissions by being constructed of recycled plastic and other environmentally friendly materials. Recycled plastic, meaning milk jugs!! The sand set that Boug's been loving is made from milk jugs!! Makes me feel great because we drink a wholeeee lot of milk in our house and I'm happy to know that the jugs are being recycled into something super fun! Receiving the Green Toy Company award, Fat Brain Toy award and the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio gold award, its proven that these toys are a great hit!!

You can find Green Toys Inc. products at online retailers or search for a store near you that carries them!!


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