Thursday, May 21, 2009

Snazzy Summer features... Climate Change Chocolate!!

I'm all about doing what I can for the environment and its not always easy. When you slip into an almost "wasteful" way of life, its so hard to change the habits that you've had for so long. When I had the chance to try out TerraPass Climate Change Chocolate, I definitely thought that this was a super easy way to help out the environment!! I mean, c'mon... I'm a total chocolate-aholic!! Of course eating 1 bar of chocolate every day isn't the way that we'll save the planet, but with their recycled paper wrappers, with helpful tips printed on each one, we can each become a bit more knowledgable while indulging on chocolate!!

Of course with my husband's new gardening project, tip number 13 jumped out at him while he was stuffing his face:

Tip No. 13: Grow it from seed. Growing your own herbs and vegetables from seed is great fun if you have space, and its good for the environment too.
For each TerraPass Climate Change Chocolate bar purchased, they in return purchase 133lbs of verified carbon offsets. America's current average per-capita share of global warming emissions is 133 pounds of CO2 per day. You can even head over to the site and calculate your own carbon footprint!! It takes your vehicle, your air travel and where you live based on your homes energy use to calculate. I personally need to offset mine by 24,000 lbs CO2.

Help our environment by eating chocolate?? (and they have both milk and dark chocoloate!) Seems too good to be true!! But its not!! WOOOO HOOOO!!!

Lets save our planet... Its the only one with chocolate on it....

Big thanks to TerraPass and EM for this review opportunity!!


kado! May 23, 2009 at 9:10 AM  

I have the carbon footprint link on my site too...I'm very much more conscience about that now! I'm not obsessed BUT I try my more often now that I live in a town where I can, always use reusable shopping products with less packaging! Shope locally! I try! I'd love to cut mine down even more!

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