Saturday, May 23, 2009

Snazzy Summer features... Canus Goat's Milk Skin Care!!

Summertime means more leg shaving, more sun damage, dried out skin... among other things so a great moisturizer is definitely key for keeping your skin feeling great!

Canus Goats Milk skin care products are some of the most moisturizing lotions that I've ever tried!! They really put some of the frou-frou girly brands that are wayyy too fake and wayyy too scented... (you know which ones I'm talking about!!). I was able to try three of their lotions, the original, the marigold oil and the orchid oil. All three were perfect, though the marigold oil was my favorite. Even my husband used the original and loved it!!

From the site:

Fresh goat’s milk also contains capric and caprilic acids that naturally balance the alkalinity of our products so that it more closely matches the ideal alkalinity level of the human epidermis. This keeps skin and hair from being “stripped” of their natural moisture – a common problem with regular commercial soaps and shampoos. Of course, our mission at Canus is to take what we know works and make it work even better.

So it totally makes sense why Canus goats milk products work so well!! Keep your natural moisture and add moisture where you need it!

You can pick up Canus products at grocery and drug store chains, as well as specialty shops and natural food stores throughout the U.S.

Not only does Canus carry their original line of goats milk products, they also carry their Li'l Goats Milk line for babies, the Nature's Dog product line and very soon the Nature by Canus line!!

Big thanks to Canus and EM for the review opportunity!!


kado! May 24, 2009 at 12:44 AM the name freaks me out a little...OK...A LOT...but I completely trust YOU! I feel like I know you like that!! I know the product must be good! =)

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