Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hell YES!!

I hate being overwhelmed and I hate being stuck in that grey area of yes or no... indecisive, or even worse, saying yes and taking on more than I can handle.

The Hell Yes principle in the awesome book, Hell Yes, is so basic yet is overlooked way too often.

Is it a "Hell Yes?"

If not, then its a "Hell No."

Simple as that, cut and dry. You can use the Hell Yes principle in all areas of your life too, and honestly, I really do need to start saying NO to things more often- The reason why my kids were sick and wound up with ear infections? Because I couldn't say no to watching a friends kid. Prime example.

The two little words, Hell Yes, can help lead you to a simpler, happier life. The principle can be put toward time management, finding your true path in life, diet and weight management, spending habits, relationships and so much more.

I have friends that are pushovers, that waddle around in the gray area way too often and I can definitely see myself giving this book as a gift to nudge them in the right direction.

Saying Hell Yes at the right times and in the right situations is powerful. Saying Hell No when need be makes your life simpler and easier to manage. Do you need this book? Hell Yes.

Hell Yes is available at

Big thanks to the Family Review Network for making this review possible!!


Elizabeth Cogswell Baskin May 18, 2009 at 2:57 PM  

Casey, thanks so much for your review! That gray area of yes or no drives me crazy too. And the Hell Yes principle really does shortcut that. It's like an instant link to your intuition.

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