Friday, May 29, 2009

Summertime Memories!

Its stories like this that make me feel old as heck. I was 5, so that makes that almost 22 years ago...

When I was a kid, there was a family up the street that used to babysit me. They are some of the most wonderful people ever and they always treated me like one of their own kids, even though there was quite a few years in age difference between us. They watched me while my mom worked for about 4 years. First the older sister watched me, then when she outgrew babysitting, the younger sister watched me. One summer, their Mom said that they were taking a vacation, and as to not leave my own Mother stranded without a sitter for a week and a half, they offered to take me with them. How could my Mom say no when she told her that they were going to Orlando, FL to Disney World?? I had never been to Disney World and this was going to be an affordable way to allow me to go as a kid. (I feel EVERY kid should go to Disney at least once DURING their childhood!)

With so much anticipation, the day finally came when we were going to leave for Disney World. It was four of us, driving from New York to Florida, making only a few stops along the way (of course, South of the Border!). When we got there, there was so much to do, so much excitement and I was completely overwhelmed at only 5 years old. I had hurt my ankle shortly before leaving, so spending some of the trip on crutches wasn't completely fun, but it was still something that will stay with me forever.

Standing in front of Epcot Center with the girls that I looked up to so much. Going to Michael Jackson's 3D show and seeing the light parades, not to forget the rides that I'll never forget. I have to say the "Its A Small World" ride was my absolute favorite. I absolutely loved all the puppets from the different countries singing the "Its A Small World" song. I remember dancing through the street towards the end of our trip, giving up my crutches so that I could twirl around in my orange dress and my white Keds.

I'm hoping that in the summer of 2011, when Boug is 7 and Lil' Buddy is 3, that we'll be able to afford to take them down to Disney World. When we go, I'm going to be checking out, since they have all the discount Disney tickets that you could need for our trip! I love finding ways to save money and is a great way to save money on a Disney World trip!


Jennifer-Eighty MPH Mom May 30, 2009 at 11:06 PM  

What a memorable trip! They sound like a wonderful family to take "little Casey" along! I think every kid should she Disneyland or Disneyworld too (if possible). I have only been to Disneyland, and it is one of my favorites places - especially at Christmastime!

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