Saturday, May 23, 2009

Snazzy Summer features... Obsessed Minerals!!

I love to jazz up my look in the summertime, but I hate wearing heavy makeup because when its hot it feels like it just melts off of my face. Its just such a gross feeling!! So in the warm months of the year, I tend to only do my eyes, to try and make them be what brightens up my face.

When I came across Obsessed Minerals, I just knew that I had to include their eyeshadows in the Snazzy Summer event, given the beautiful tones and colors they have available and my whole "eyes-only" stance on summer makeup for myself. Though for the cooler days, they do carry more items like their mineral blush, foundations, concealer, lipstick and more. For now, I'm focusing on eyes!!


I was able to try out a couple of different shadows from Obsessed Minerals, of course before sitting to write this, I scoured the house looking for them so I could tell you the exact colors I received... I mean, I just wore them 2 days ago, where the hell could they have gone? I asked Miss Boug and of course, she said, "Yeah Mom, I was looking at them!!" And naturally, I asked where she had put them, and now she cannot remember!! 4 year olds are a blessing... they truly are. But with that being said, I received Fugitive, Millionaire and At Large, they looked fabulous by themselves and they looked even more stunning when put together!!

Chiropractor Michael Huwe created Obsessed Minerals, with the interest in natural medicine, she decided to branch into natural cosmetics. She created this stunning line of cosmetics with the goal of making numerous colors with iridescence and uniqueness, being affordable and having lots of options!

While you're at the site browsing through the fabulous shadows, blush, lipstick and glaze, mineral sets and so much more, don't forget to take a peek at the tips for a few great ideas!!

Which products or colors jump out at you?!?! What would you like to express yourself with??

Thanks to Obsessed Minerals for making this review possible!!


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