Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Quick Fix for Boo-Boos!!

"Part of growing up is falling down" as said on the Me4Kidz website!! I couldn't agree more and now that Me4Kidz has come out with awesome first aid kits, its much easier to tend to those boo-boos and send the kiddos back to play!!

Me4Kidz is a family owned and operated and provides the most convenient Made in the USA products for fixing up scrapes and cuts! Who doesn't need a first aid kit??? Whether you have an older child, a baby, a pet or its just adults in the household, everyone needs one. And I'm embarrassed to say that this is the very first one that I've ever owned!!

I received the MediBuddy from Me4Kidz and I'm so happy that I'll be able to have a fabulous first aid kit on hand. The size is perfect to keep in the glove compartment in the car, in a tote or a diaper bag... not too big, but big enough to carry the essentials, cause you never know where you'll be when kids are going to get hurt!!

Not only does Me4Kidz carry the MediBuddy, they also carry the bigger MediBag 4 Kids, the Diaper Bag Buddy and the MediBag 4 Pets!! You don't want to be out walking the dog and have him step on a sharp rock and cut his paw pad, you don't want to be out with the baby without the handy items in the Diaper Bag Buddy.

Of course, yesterday was a big boo-boo day with us! Lil' Bud bumped his face and wound up with a bloody lip, and the gauze in the MediBuddy came in really handy... and then of course, not to be outdone, Boug tripped over some conduit in the garage and gashed her side open on a part of a stroller and we used the antiseptic wipes and the band aids to patch her all up!!

You can pick up your Me4Kidz items at one of the many online retailers, like Amazon.com or search their site for a retailer near you!!

Thanks to Extraordinary Mothers and Me4Kidz for this review opportunity and be sure to head over to Extraordinary Mothers to read the other opinions!!


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