Friday, May 29, 2009

What did we do???

About 12 or so years ago, before the internet was so wide spread and easily accessible, what did Mom's do??

That's what I read on another board and I was simply SHOCKED at the fact that this person went on to basically flame Moms who blog. That, with their complete sarcasm, Moms must have been stupid without the internet and Mommy blogs. That other family members are completely shit outta luck, like fathers, grandparents etc... And that no one is watching our kids while we blog.

This is just something that I can't not respond to! I try not to get too controversial, I try not to be such a bitch, I honestly try. But sometimes it goes by the wayside and I end up being rotten, and thats okay with me every now and again...

I'm sorry, but when someone talks like this they sound like a very JEALOUS person, feeling like the kid last picked in the baseball game. Are you hurt that you don't have a network? Are you sad at the fact your peers haven't accepted you? What is it? Because there's a huge world out there of blogs, and not all are "mommy" blogs. With that being said, its not about "what did Moms do before blogs?" Its about the community, its about the networking, its about the friendship, its about the knowledge. If I can help someone with one little bit of advice, that feels good. If someone can tell me something that will make cleaning my house easier, I want that information. If I'm having a horrible day, I have friends here who will "listen" to be whine and cry because they know what it is to feel like that too at times. Isn't it nice to know that you're not the only Mom out there that feels a certain way, that you're not the only one needing a few minutes to chat on blogs to give yourself a break? Isn't it nice to know that you can come online and get bounds of information about anything, directly from people just like you and you can take that information for what its worth??

Its not a matter of "What did Moms do before the internet?" its a matter of "Thank God for all that is more readily available to Moms thanks to the internet!"

Does it make me a bad mom because I turn to the internet for information? Does it make me a bad mom that I use my blog to mark some occasions in my childrens life? Does it make me a bad mom if I turn to my blog friends to take some time for myself and unwind a bit? In my eyes, that doesn't make me a bad mom, it makes me a BAD ASS MOM because I have just THAT MUCH MORE information, THAT MUCH MORE support, THAT MUCH MORE sanity!! Being a bad mom would be putting a dog shock collar on my kids so that they could go out to play while I sit inside on the computer... but we know that would never happen in the age of super cool laptops.

And by the way, as I write this I'm NOT neglecting my children... Boug is coloring nicely and Lil' Buddy is chasing and rolling a ball around the living room.


Unknown May 29, 2009 at 2:06 PM  

Right on mama! I blog while my kids are at school, what would these people like me to be doing? Sitting on the couch twiddling my thumbs or picking my ass? LOL, people are insane!

Liz May 29, 2009 at 5:34 PM  

This is so true, my Mom sometimes says, When you were young, us Mom's didn't have internet and computers to play on all day. Nope they didn't, but they had soap operas, and other distractions as well, so I am sure in another 20 years our kids will have something even more advanced than we have now with our blogging. So, as far as I'm concerned, Blog on Sister!!

Jennifer-Eighty MPH Mom May 29, 2009 at 8:46 PM  

People can be so dumb. They have no idea how everyone lives their lives. I would just ignore their stupid comments! I am glad you posted about it though.

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