Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dudley's Solo Book Review

We read here, A LOT.

Boug is always asking for a new book or digging out an old one from the giant pile of books on the floor of her room. Even though she's decided that Daddy is the bedtime book reader, I'm officially the daytime book reader since he's at work.

When Dudley's Solo came in the mail, Boug was so excited to have a new book and to be honest with you, so was I! Reading the same ol' books over and over gets boring and to receive a book like Dudley's Solo, with such a great message was a wonderful thing.

Dudley's Solo, by Tiffany Alexander, is the story of a young boy who is deaf. He wants to do what the rest of his friends do and sing in the choir. Sweet Dudley can't hear or speak, but he is still able to preform his own solo with the choir.

A story like Dudley's Solo is so endearing to me and is great because it teaches kids that everyone is different, everyone had individual capabilities and acceptance for who people are is important. Dudley's Solo is definitely one that touches the heart.

Dudley's Solo is the first book in the Children's Band series and you can learn even more about them at the Children's Band site. You can purchase Dudley's Solo as well! Big thanks to Family Review Network for this review opportunity!


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