Sunday, May 31, 2009

I've been toying with this one....

On the 25th, and since then, I've been sitting here and toying with the idea of this post. I like to brush things off and not let things bother me, I like to let go of negativity and I'd normally rather not dwell on it, but I have to say something.

The night of the 25th, I got a comment on a fabulous giveaway that I was hosting... It wasn't something little, it wasn't something major, but it was a really nice giveaway and it definitely burned me that the very first comment made on it was:

"What a bogus way to get people to visit such a lamo blog site! Give us all a break! Geesh."

Now, with that being said, most people use an alias or just a first name in their blogger profile... Nope, not this winner- he uses his FULL email address, if you would like to know who it is, look for the very first deleted comment in one of my Snazzy Summer giveaways, since when you delete a comment, it doesn't delete the user name or time that it was posted. So... what do I do? I email this guy and ask "Are you serious? Must you be so rude? Are you that miserable?
If you have a problem with my site, the answer is quite simple, don't visit."

Do you think that I got a response? Oh and I did google the email address because is this something that one wants associated with a BUSINESS, since they left a BUSINESS email address? I was curious what the business was etc... and found out that I'm not the first blog that this jackass left these types of comments on.

Lets be Frank, it takes a whole lot more time and effort to type up a comment versus just clicking the X and closing out the page. So close my page- I dont care! I love the readers who love me, I love the friends that I've made and I love the friends that I will continue to make.

I know the commenter originated from a sweepstakes site, which I'm so totally cool with, but honestly, if you don't like the blog giveaways, just click the X. Just leave. Why waste your time on ME? I mean, I totally know that I'm cool and yeah, I rock... but if you're gonna leave nasty comments, dont think that its gonna bring me down, cause it wont, I'll still be cool and I'll still be rockin' out from the couch...


Unknown May 31, 2009 at 7:05 PM  

I agree that it is really horrible to leave someone a comment like this. Like I said earlier, why even read if you don't like the articles, just click off. You know your blog rocks though and this guy is just an ass :)

Leslie M. May 31, 2009 at 9:05 PM  

Hey Bebe,
I Googled The Buttsnapper the other day too! He makes a Business out of this! I am thinking he sits there and get is "JOLLIES" (Trying not to be filthy, but you know what I mean!)while he is making rude remarks on Mommie Blogger sites!

I do believe IF the CREEP is Blessed enough to have a POOR wife he is beating her and kicking his dog!

This is just the kind of louse he seems to be.

What kind of coward Goes from Site to site making rude senseless remarks to women he does not even know?

Unfortunately this is how psycho and sociopaths develop and hone their skills.

There is a such thing as CYBER-STALKING!


Jennifer-Eighty MPH Mom May 31, 2009 at 11:09 PM  

Wow - he must pretty pretty damned bored - seriously. Maybe he should try getting a life - or maybe this is why he doesn't have one - nobody wants to be around him.

Yep - move along if it doesn't interest you - that's what most of us do stupid.

Mom Union June 1, 2009 at 11:58 AM  

Hey Casey, It's Heather.
I'm so sorry. What an A-hole! You can't give away a $100 item everyday. Also, things that one person might think, "Ehh." there's another person going "Yes!"

Personally, I enter sweeps for things like example: Chlorox wipes. Why? Because #1 I could use some Chlorox wipes, #2 Getting a free container of Chlorox wipes allows me to spend that money on another thing I need #3 I understand that a site can get more things to feature if you enter their giveaways - even small ones - and join their social networks like Google Friends, etc.

What does this A-hole expect? A freaking CAR! Good luck. I belong to a sweeps site, but I don't even waste my time with the big sweeps. Why? My chance to win a car is about one in a million. I'd rather spend my time entering sweeps that I actually have a chance to win. Yeah, maybe if you dedicate your f-ing LIFE entering sweeps for a car, you MIGHT win one. And BTW, my sister (also a Casey) DID win a car and it was from a very reputable site, a magazine or something. It took the sponsor almost a year to give it to her. They nearly had to go to court over it.

I'd much rather win things I can use everyday. Things that are a little treat to brighten my day. Getting to know people, making friends, learning things about products I didn't know, hints and tips about life and relationships. I consider that a win.

This month (May) has been a VERY bad month for us financially. My cat got a bad infection at the beginning of the month and we HAD to take him to the vet. They quoted us $200, a stretch to the budget but do-able. When we went to pick him up they said he had needed surgery (WTF?) and the total came to $800! Are you freaking kidding me! And they don't bill. We had to pay half up front and write a check for the other half to be held until the end of the month. My husband accidentally wrote the "end of the month" check with the current date. They cashed BOTH of the checks. We were screwed. We had NO MONEY. The beginning of the month is when we stock up on groceries and household goods. We could only afford the neccessities, and not much of that. No cleaning supplies, no soap, etc. It was Mac & Cheese and toilet paper. Period.

The things that pr*ck thinks are a "waste of time" were desperately needed. We ran out of shampoo and body wash. A "win" came in the mail - a "Philosophy" set with shampoo, body wash and bubble bath! I received laundry detergent, dishwasher detergent, chlorox wipes, coupons for Yopait yogurt, CLR cleaners, etc. I even won a Things Remembered charm necklace so I had something to give my mom for Mother's Day. I won a Snapfish photo album so I had a Mother's day gift for my husband's mother.

Wow, this has been a long comment. I hope you feel better and know that the contests you offer are definitly appreciated by anyone who's not an A-hole. I hope he wins a car and gets run over by it.

Kisses, Heather

Huguette En June 1, 2009 at 12:45 PM  

Sorry that you got a bad comment like that. It tells you something about his life if he has nothing better to do but be rude and negative to people he doesn't even know. From myself, thank you for your blog and any giveaways that are open to Canadians :) Hugs!

Paige June 1, 2009 at 3:00 PM  

ehhh, he must be a miserable person is all I can say.....dont let him get the best of you!

Kristin June 1, 2009 at 9:13 PM  

He needs to be banned from life!

Ok I am way too harsh.

kado! June 2, 2009 at 10:42 AM  

RUDE!!!! Why are some people so rude!!!? I know I try to not let people like that bother me...but they still do get to me....hope you know they are not worth any of your energy!

missed you...glad to catch up on all your posts!

Kathleen W. June 4, 2009 at 10:04 AM  

Time to time I get trolls like this leaving comments. I think they just like to see the drama that arises, so I will just delete the comment like you did. What kind of idiot leaves an email address/contact info though?

I wish I had as much extra time on my hands as that guy.

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