Thursday, April 1, 2010

Playing designer at Fashion Playtes!

I was contacted not too long ago about doing a review for Fashion Playtes and after checking out the site, I knew this was something that Miss Boug would just love! I jumped on the opportunity and I'm so excited to be able to share my thoughts on it with you.

At Fashion Playtes, girls can become a designer of their own apparel. What girl wouldn't love to be able to put their own touches to their clothes? Browsing through the selections that you can personalize, there are items like "The Cassidy" long sleeved shirt dress, "The Jane" short sleeved tee shirt, "The Hannah" hoodie tee shirt, "The Payton" denim jacket and so many more items to choose from. Boug and I decided together that "The Audrey" short sleeved tee shirt dress would be just her style and so perfect for spring and summer. Boug only wanted to put the "black flora" underlayers onto her black "The Audrey" dress, but there are so many other options that can be picked from. Ribbons, ruffles, rhinestones, appliques, graphics and even a special personalized label can be added to your item to make it perfect for just your girl!

As a parent, I love how appropriate each article of clothing and each accessory at Fashion Playtes is. There's nothing gaudy or revealing, and I love that the prices are so reasonable for something that can give our girls such happiness to design and then to wear!

Right now all garments in the BLEACHED SAND color are 40% off!!


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