Thursday, April 1, 2010

Are you having ham for Easter?

Easter is just a couple days around the corner and of course, many of you will be cooking up the traditional Easter ham. Now I generally don't cook for the big holidays, I do the day to day cooking and leave the holidays to my mother. But this year, I'm sticking my two cents in. After being able to attend the Cook's Ham Blogger Conference, I've got ideas like crazy about ham. And not just ham, since Price Chopper was so awesome to have the event at their Latham, NY store, I was able to gain even more insight into the way that I shop as well.

My big thing with the ham though, is the fact that there is always so much left over. It always feels like such a waste to let it get chucked in the trash. Part of what we did at the blogger conference was try to plan at least 3 meals around one ham. I thought that it would have been harder, but I seemed to be able to come up with 4 or 5, easy, kid friendly, quick and delicious meals in no time. Why haven't I thought of doing it like this sooner?

I came up with using left over ham to create eggs benedict with ham for a breakfast, I did a ham, apple and sweet potato casserole. You can't go wrong doing ham, egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches on croissants any time of the day. Or maybe doing up a split pea and ham soup in the crockpot?? Yumm-O... While shopping for the items that I needed to make up some of these recipes, I wandered around Price Chopper and was so pleasantly surprised about their high quality selections for store brands. And yes, more than 75% of the ingredients that I purchased were Price Chopper store brands.

By the way, I can't wait to have my Cook's Ham for Easter with the double glaze on it... I'll be accessing the Cook's Ham site to make sure I follow their cooking directions, their convenient carving directions, and find even more ham recipes for when the holiday is all said and done!


Leslie M. April 2, 2010 at 10:19 PM  

Just wanted to say hi Case! Hubby loves Ham! Me? ha Veggies!
Luv you!
Leslie Loves Veggies

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