Thursday, April 15, 2010

Gerber Graduates, growing with your sweetheart!

Making the right snack choices for my kids can be difficult. Sometimes I feel like I'm getting them into the same snacking rut, and that there's little to no variety in what they're having. Cheese, fruit, veggies, crackers, the occasional cookie. It all gets old quick and they sure let me know it. I'm loving the Gerber Graduates has a line of snacks that both Boug and Lil' Buddy have begun to love!

Gerber Graduates now has their fruit twists, cereal twists and chewy granola bars, all geared toward preschoolers. Seems to me that Buddy really liked the cereal twists the best while Boug was a huge fan of the fruit twists. Either way, I'm happy with what they're eating. The fruit twists are two flavors, twisted together, and made with 99% real concentrated fruit and juice. Each twist is half of a serving of fruit and provide 20% of a preschoolers recommended amount of vitamin C! For the cereal twists, being made with whole grains and filled with two different yogurt flavors, they're great for on the go snacking that isn't a crappy convenience food that you'll normally find while you're out and about. The chewy granola bars are made with whole grain rolled oats and wheat flakes, they carry about 6 grams of whole grains per bar! The granola bars provide 10% of the daily value for 4 different vitamins and minerals.

I love Gerber products, and I love that these preschooler snacks take an extra step out of my already hectic days. Sometimes its just nice to turn to a brand that you trust, instead of dicing, cutting, prepping, washing, mixing, and all those other things that you sometimes need to do in order to simply give your kid a snack.

You can even order the Gerber Graduates cereal twists, fruit twists, and chewy granola bars, at for buying in bulk and having them conveniently shipped to your door!

I received a set of Gerber Graduates products to aid in my review, which in no way affected the way that I feel about the company. My opinions are my opinions, take them or leave them.


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