Tuesday, April 20, 2010

10 Little Things that Lead to a Happier, Healthier You

There are so many ways that I'd like to improve myself, and so many times the big ones seem out of reach. You know, the "lose 50 pounds" goal, the "become independently wealthy" goal. But in my day to day, I try to strive to do a minimum of 5 things that lead me to a happier, healthier me, though the list of possibilities is much longer. I shoot for 5, that way I don't overwhelm myself with all the "shoulda coulda woulda" that I should have done differently for the given day.

Here's my list of 10 little things that I do to make a happier, healthier me:::
(and when I say healthier, I don't just mean physically, I mean mentally too)

1. Smile. Smiling makes you feel good and makes the others around you feel good.
2. Don't sweat the small stuff. There's too much big crap to worry about, don't stress over the fact that you broke a nail or can't find your favorite color lipstick.
3. Listen to your childrens laughter. Its contagious.
4. Park further away from the store. Take the extra couple of steps to burn an extra couple of calories.
5. Have at least one indulgence a day. Whether that be eating some m & m's, treating yourself to a glass of wine, kicking up your feet and relaxing with your favorite tv show.
6. Love. Love with all you have in you, whether it be focused toward your pet, your spouse, your kids, or whoever is in your life. Love wholeheartedly.
7. Sing. Sing along with the radio. Who cares who hears you in the car? No one is going to hear you in the shower. Belt it out sister. And I'm sure singing from the gut burns a calorie or two.
8. Drink water. I know I don't drink the recommended amount of water each day, but knowing that I made an effort to drink some always makes me feel so much better about myself.
9. Swap out sweets. Instead of drinking soda when I crave a sweet beverage, I swap it out for some OJ. The sweetness of the orange gives me that sweetened beverage taste I was looking for, yet is so much better for you.
10. Breathe. Slow down. Look around. Clear your thoughts. Notice a flower. Look at the landscape. Simmer....

What is on your list of 10 things for a happier, healthier you??

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