Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Word World!!

Word World, Word World, Word World!! ... say it fast, I dare you!!!

We received the Word World DVD, Lucky Duck, and Boug was so happy! This is one of her favorite shows around here! She loves the characters and being 4, she's so curious about how to spell, the letters spelling the name of the animal as the body are just too cool to her!

Thank goodness for new episodes!! Word World is launching their 2nd season starting Friday with a brand new Valentine's day special!!

Word World makes me happy too! I just read that they have found that Word World officially helps children with pre-literacy skills!! Thats major, any way to keep those lil' spongey minds absorbing!! I love that you can immedietely see how to spell a word based on looking at what the animal or item is.

Sometimes when the TV is on, and even though I try and limit it, I don't like all the kids shows that are out there. Some are aweful and really have absolutely no educational value. If my kids are watching tv, I'd much much rather it be something that can help them to learn and reinforce what we as parents, preschools and schools in general, are trying to teach.,

Boug has a next to nothing attention span, but she watches epidoses of Word World with no problem and she really does enjoy it! And we can't wait to the launch of the brand new season and the new Valentine's day special!! A big YAYYYY from us for Word World!!

The Ready To Learn Partnership was launched in 2005 to tackle the growing literacy crisis in the United States. It is a public-private consortium consisting of WTTW Channel 11 in Chicago, the Michael Cohen Group LLC, the Learning Box and WordWorld. To learn more about the Ready to Learn Partnership and WordWorld visit www.rtlp.org and pbskids.org/wordworld.

Big thanks to the Family Review Network for allowing us to enjoy and review this DVD!


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