Monday, February 9, 2009

I Am Magnificent!!

Boug and I ate dinner without Daddy last night and was a wonderful chance for her and I to discuss how happy she is with herself, just mama and daughter. We wound up taking out the Manifest Your Magnificence cards that I had received and I started to read them off to her... It brought a tear to my eye to actually hear about how my daughter feels about herself.

Manifest Your Magnificence is an amazing way to increase self worth and self esteem, it helps to actually reflect on feelings. As a parent, I like to think that my kids are/will be well rounded, proud, humble, wonderful people, but I had never actually sat down with Boug to see how she felt about herself. And for this, I am sorry.

We received the cards and pulled out a few of them and we started talking about what the cards said, one of the first ones was: "I am positive." To which my daughters reply was "Well it rains, but you can still play when its raining." The next one we pulled out was: "I am expressive." and my heart exploded. I was so proud and so blessed when she replied with "I'm happy that I have a brother."

These are all things that I didn't realize that she would respond these ways. When we pulled out "I am curious." She replied with "I like to learn about feeding the cat and making myself grow." Beaming with pride I tell ya, I'm beaming with pride.

We went through a few more cards and we've made it a point to do this every evening right after dinner. But the cards aren't the only thing that Magnificent Creations Limitee offers, Susan, the creator also came up with the CD which also has these wonderful affirmations.

You can get your own Manifest Your Magnificence cards online here, for $25.95 (+taxes/shipping) or the CD here, for $15.95 (+taxes/shipping).

So a little while later, I sat at the computer and Boug walked past my to go use the bathroom... as she walked by she said, without looking at me or anything, "I feel good about those cards...." and kept walking.


A Psych Mommy February 9, 2009 at 10:00 PM  

That looks really awesome! I'm a school psych and I would love to have these for the kids that I see for self-esteem!

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