Friday, February 27, 2009

What's Your Playlist?

A lot of people have never believed me that I listen to country music, because I like so many different types of music, some people think that country just doesn't fit in with the rest of my choices. I was one of the only people in my circle of friends through high school that listened to country and to be honest, I rubbed off on a lot of them!!

Martina McBride has been one of my favorites for a longggg time... Our little redneck town has the county fairgrounds and I've actually been able to see some awesome country concerts during fair week. I remember when I was probably 16 or so, about 10 years ago, seeing Martina play and getting CHILLS when she sang "Independence Day". I remember during my party days, when "This One's For The Girls" came out, how me and my girls would become crazed, jumping, weeping, whackjobs because that was OUR song.

Martina McBride has more amazing songs than I can sit here and list, or else this post would be a mile long!! I was able to get the new album "Playlist", by Martina McBride through Family Review Network and I'm reminicing, listening to songs like "Happy Girl" and "Wild Angels" and loving every minute of it!!

And it gets better! The case is 100% eco-friendly, made from recycled materials and there's no paper booklet. Its an enhanced CD with a digital booklet with liner notes, photos and more!

Though with 14 of Martina's awesome songs, I'm really surprised that they left off "Valentine" but its still an amazing CD, filled with great songs. You can even check out Wal-Mart's Soundcheck to see some more of her preformance there.

This is one CD that I'm happy to add to my collection, its not one of those that you like 2 or 3 songs and then skip through the rest. The whole "Playlist" is filled with some of the best songs around!

Thank you to Family Review Network and M80 for making this review possible!!


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