Sunday, February 22, 2009

Binkies? Loveys? Paci's?

No matter what you call them, we call them bink's or binkies here, every baby has a different preference. With our daughter, I never ever wanted to give her one, cause I was so deathly afraid that she would never give it up. But 2 weeks after she was born in 2004, I forked one over. She was indiscriminate though she had her favorites and now my son has his favorites too. He will not take any bink other than the MAM pacifiers! We started off with one of these in August and now we have more than a few everywhere around the house if need be.

I'm not complaining though, since MAM pacifiers are developed with pediatricians and orthodontists. Not to mention that they are adorable! I'm so upset that the very first MAM my son had is missing!! It was white with a skull and crossbones and said "rebel" on it. It was a gift and I loved it, so did he!! The only problem that I had was that I couldn't find a pacifier keeper for them, one that clipped onto a shirt, but they exist and I have them now!! No more lost MAM binks!!
Now I'm even happier because I recently got the brand new MAM Colic Free Bottle!! The Ultivent delivers less gas, less air and less colic due to the venting system and nipple shape. I always get nervous when giving Lil' Buddy a new nipple shape, how he'll do with it, and with this one its perfect for him. No problems whatsoever!! Its comes apart oh-so-easy for cleaning, thank goodness, since I don't have a dishwasher, I AM the dishwasher!!And not to mention, MAM offers BPA-Free products!! Be sure to check out their new products for your little sweetie!!


LissaL February 23, 2009 at 1:26 PM  

MAMs were always my choice when it came to foo-foos(that's what we called pacifiers!) Oh how I miss those days:)

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