Saturday, February 21, 2009

Save a buck, or two, or three...

Need to pick up a few things? Got amazon codes burning a hole in your monitor? Check these out!!

Radica Video Journal
This has been marked down to $5.99!! It is a super cute way for the tween girls to start keeping a private, interactive, video journal! Marked down 74%!!Swypeout Racing Starter Set
The Swypeout Racing set has been marked down pretty much 100% to JUST ONE PENNY!!! How do you beat a penny?? You can also pick up the Swypeout Digital Upgrade Booster Pack Cards for only $0.46!!
And when all is said and done, and you're ready to lock yourself in the bathroom with some tea, a few cookies, some candles and a magazine....Cosmopolitan one year subscription is only $5.00!!

Remember folks, these aren't my sales, they are sales. I'm just trying to post the great deals!!


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