Friday, December 26, 2008

Weight Watchers Review

Now that the holidays are almost completed, New Years resolutions are being made and I'm more than positive that many people are once again saying- "I WILL lose weight this year!" I know that I'm one of those, I've got about an extra 50 pounds on me right now. 2 kids are not always forgiving on a body! The problem is I love food way too much and I'm way too broke to join a gym around here, they are so expensive, so every time that I attempt to lose weight, it just never happens. I'm always making up my own pretend diets, trying to hunker down on myself and not eat crap, be more active etc.... but FINALLY, a support system. Weight Watchers has launched a new Facebook group. On the facebook page, you can find new recipes along with the new Snack Widget! You can type in what you're in the mood for and it gives you a sensible version of what you're looking for. I typed in "Chocolate Cake" and it showed me to try the WW Caramel Cake or WW Chocolate Cake. Each of those options are only 1 WW point per serving! I put in "pudding" and it showed me that Weight Watchers offers a sugar-free chocolate pudding and a Boston cream pie yogurt!

Now here's my favorite part- Weight Watchers has new incrEdible rewards! I love love love love label clipping programs, points collecting programs and stuff like that. This is now RIGHT up my alley! Over the past year I've done VERY well with redeeming from points programs and now this is a new one that I'm definately interested in. For every Weight Watchers food product you buy, you earn credits for rewards. They have great choices, L'Occitane lotion, Garmin Nuvi, an Audiovox Portable DVD player and so many more! These arent any chintzy rewards! Its like a present for eating better!

Check out Weight Watchers incrEdible rewards, check out their facebook group and check out their main web site for so much more information!

Whats your New Years resolution? Whats your weight loss goal? Find something on the incrEdible rewards that you would love to eat to earn? Leave a comment and let me know!!


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