Monday, December 8, 2008

Anyone Finish X-Mas Shopping Yet??

I am I would say, about halfway done with my shopping. I've been picking up miscellaneous items here and there for the kiddos, Lil' Buddy is too little to know any better and Boug doesn't really have a huge list this year. Thank God. I've been doing all that I can do to win some super cool items for the kid for Christmas and use only my Target gift cards that I have cashed out from survey sites to purchase the bigger presents. But this one, this is a deal that I really couldn't pass up. I'm not even sure how long the price is going to be like this. has the basic set for the Hasbro Playskool Dream Town Rose Petal Cottage marked down from $79.99 to $33.99. Seriously, this isn't on Boug's list but I see this working out MUCH better than the tent that she HAD TO HAVE last year for Christmas which is now folded up in her closet and comes out probably once every other month. This Rose Petal Cottage set only comes with the stove, but even with that said, you can pick and choose the add-ons that your child may want. I'm probably going to pick up the Rose Petal Sink and the Rose Petal Washer. Maybe even the Stew & Simmer Veggie Set. Doing it this way, Boug gets the stuff that she'll actually play with and I'm not wasting any money!! They also have the Playskool Rose Petal Cottage Mega Pack for $179.99, its usually $199.99. This one includes the nursery, sink, washer, lounge chair, muffin baking set and of course, the stove which comes with the other. Oh and dont forget!! FREE SUPER SAVER SHIPPING!! Hollaaa!!

I'm thinking Boug is going to love it. Ol' hubby though, he wont... he'll have to put it together!!

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What's the best deal you have found out there for Christmas this year??


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