Monday, December 1, 2008

Fat Girl Loves Chocolate....

Yeah, I said it. My BFA, (big fat a**) LOVESSSSS chocolate. Seriously I cant get enough of the stuff. If there was a way that I could live on chocolate, I definately would. I bought a whole bunch of chocolate to include in a gift for a Secret Santa I'm participating in and more than half of it is GONE. If its in my house, its not here for long. It calls my name. I can always hear it beckoning me... Deucey... Deucey.... Come eat me....

Ferrero Chocolates have an amazing Share Something Sweet campaign going on right now. Share Something Sweet is an amazing partnership between Ferrero chocolates and Share Our Strength, a hunger-relief organization.

This is the 2nd year of their partnership and Ferrero has donated $150,000 to Share Our Strength!! If you go to the Share Something Sweet campaign page and send a customizable e-card, they'll donate another $1 up to $10,000. And even more, for each person who joins their Ferrero Lovers Unite facebook page, they'll donate another $1, up to $1,000.

What about their chocolate personality test for fun?? Take the test and see what kind of chocolate you are... I'm a Ferrero Rocher!! Sweet, charming and loveable!!

Thanks so much to Family Review Network for bringing this to my attention. Good chocolate, good cause, who could ask for more??


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