Thursday, December 4, 2008

Beautiful Clothing, Coupon Code!!

Take a minute and check out Best & Co. They are a gorgeous kids clothing company that was re-established by Susie Hilfiger. So if you think you like Tommy's stuff, check out the influence here on Susie's project.

Totally out of my price range, even with a coupon code, but this stuff is on my list of "fantasy" clothes that I would love to have for the children. My 1st picks for the kids are their Baby Boys Colorblock Sweater Jacket for Lil' Buddy, and I am absolutely in love with the Girls Double Breasted Cardigan Sweater for Boug. Their stuff is just darling!!

You can even check out the President of Best & Co, Catherine Moellering's blog all about the new arrivals and what's going on in the company!

Want to receive an extra 30% off of all items, even the sale ones??
Enter promo code ONE2ONE at checkout!

Thank you so much to the One2One Network for sharing this fabulous offer with me!


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