Sunday, December 21, 2008

Pick up those last minute gifts!!

We're counting down the days til' Christmas in our house. I waited til' Boug fell asleep and started wrapping presents and I probably would be still going if I hadn't run out of tape. (Duh... should have picked that up)

Here's a few more great deals at to snag up before Christmas. Sunday, 12/21 is the last full day to order for 2-day shipping and you can still use 1-day shipping as late as 3 pm on 12/23.

The Wild Planet Hyper Jump game is marked down to $10.99 from $34.99. This is a fast-action single/multi player game that requires you to touch different pads to score!

The The Moment Of Truth game is marked down to $5.99 from $19.99 and puts you in the hot seat to see how much you're willing to reveal about yourself! Try this one out at your next party!!

The Disney Fairies are HUGE right now and you can pick up the Disney Clickables Fairy Game by Techno Source for only $5.99, usually $19.99. Play arcade games as fairies from the movie, save or share your Tink Points and go online to use the points at

The fabulous Dr. Seuss game, Oh The Places You'll Go! Board Game is now $5.99 from $19.99 and is based on the book by Dr. Seuss. This game has won so many awards and is a wonderful family game for all ages!!

The Playskool Dream Town Sweet Lily Vanity
is now only $15.97, and its usually $42.99! The pink and purple vanity is the perfect spot for your princess to play dress up. Its designed to nest inside of the Playskool Dream Town Sweet Lily Castle but I am sure it would work wonderfully in a variety of places. Oh and by the way, the Playskool Dream Town Sweet Lily Castle is marked down to $65.99, and its usually $199.99!!!

For a smaller tot, the Playskool Busy Lil Garden Butterfly is $10 off, priced at $7.99 right now! This adorable butterfly has 6 different tunes it plays and has whimsical fluttering wings!

Also, there is the 30 piece Playskool Clipo Mini Bucket marked at $10.70, normally priced at $19.99. These connect to each other easily for those little hands!

Quick reminder, I'm just passing these deals on to you as I see them. I am not in charge of any actual pricing and Amazon changes its prices as it sees fit. Please dont blame me if something changes before you get to it at the price I quoted. These sales come quick and sometimes go quick. I've seen them even go LOWER than the prices that I had originally posted!!

Let me know if and what you've picked up from any of my "great deal" posts!! I'd love to know!!


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