Thursday, December 11, 2008

Robeez is making donations!!

This is what you gotta do!! Its super easy!!

Robeez is making a $5 product donation for each e-card sent from their Season of Giving website. Their charitable partner is K.I.D.S, aka-- Kids in distressed situations.

One card equals $5 in product donations and there is really no limit to how many that you can send! They are going to donate a max of $250,000 worth of footwear to these kids that need it!

'Tis the season for taking care and using compassion toward others, though it should really happen year round. Take a minute, send an e-card, its definately worth it.

And hey bloggers?? If you write a post about this on your blog and send the link to them, they will automatically make a $25 product donation.


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