Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ice Storm

So as some of you may have realized, I was not around from Thursday pm until Tuesday afternoon. Here in my area of New York, we had a crazy ice storm Thursday night that knocked out our power. We wound up in a state of emergency with no unneccessary driving because of all the trees that were down and all the debris that was everywhere. Lucky for us, my parents own a generator and even though they lost power too, we plugged in their generator at their house and all stayed there for a few days. I forgot what it was like to live at home again....

The clean up on this one is going to take some time I'm sure and I think that there are still people without power. My thoughts are with them and I feel aweful for them having to make arrangements during this time.

We lost all of our food and we had to start restocking our fridge and freezer from scratch. I went to Stop and Shop yesterday to restock and even though I used as many coupons as I possibly could, it still cost $90, cutting into the money that was put aside for Christmas for the kids. I had put a whole bunch of food out on the porch, where it was cold, but 2 days after we lost power (and STILL didn't have it back) it warmed up to almost 60 degrees and the little bit that I thought I would be able to save was gone.

Ice on the grass--

Tree down and some debris at my parents--

When they started to clean up the debris--
This road had actually begun to thaw out at this point, when it was covered in ice though, the trees and bushes were so heavy they were narrowing the road so much that it was about 2/3 of a lane wide right in the middle. The overhang from the trees and bushes onto the left and right sides of the road was huge.

Ice on a bush--


Unknown December 18, 2008 at 9:53 PM  

i know how it is hun. we had just went to the store lalst year too stocked the fridge cause we only go once a month and new it was going to hit hard, dint even dawn on me that we too would lose poser we were without for 9 days yuck!!!I am so glad you got it back though,

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