Saturday, December 6, 2008

Procrastinating Cleaning Up!

I was lucky enough to grab a couple of hours for myself tonight. I should have cleaned up after the visit with my parents tonight, but this is me, procrastinating. What mess there is, it'll be there tomorrow too. Its not going to get any bigger by morning.

Here's where I went!

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*Berrie Sweet Picks has a See Kai Run giveaway going on!
*Berrie Sweet Picks has a Smart-e-Bear to giveaway!
*Simple has a Smart-e-Bear to giveaway!
*Table For Five has a $25 Kohl's gift card to giveaway!
*Sage and Savvy has a Dove giveaway going on!
*Amanda has a VTech giveaway going on!
*The Daily Grind... has a Baby Einsten giveaway going on!
*Houses, Couches and Babies has a Poingo system to giveaway!
*From Melissa's Desk has a Build-A-Bear Wii game to giveaway!
*Mamanista has a Groovy Girls giveaway going on!
*Bookroom Reviews has a VTech giveaway going on!
*Sandra has a Frito Lay basket to giveaway!
*One Project Closer has a $100 Home Depot card to giveaway!
*Goodies for Mom has a Green Gift Giveaway going on!


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