Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Track down the ones you miss

I remember when I was a kid, I had the best babysitter in the world. I used to love hanging out over there, and I was not treated like a little kid, but more like a sidekick. Then she moved away, and although I saw her family in passing, I had completely lost touch with her. She was one of those people who I forever wanted in my life, to brag about my accomplishments and one more person who matters to be proud of me for who I have become.

Time passes, people move, jobs relocate you, families have different agendas.

Throughout my life, I've had quite a few people who have touched my heart- my first brownie troop leader, the family down the street, my first tee-ball coach, and all of which I've completely lost touch with. Each person helped me become who I am today and I couldn't say that I am who I am without them. Have I tried to find them? Throughout the years, yes, but I've never had much luck.

I searched for my old babysitter on MyLife and was pleasantly surprised when there were results for her name. Though its been so long and I'm unsure of which listing she would be, I couldn't tell you where she lives now or what she looks like, its so comforting to know that I could possibly go through these listings and make an effort to reconnect with her.

I can see now why MyLife has become the leading people search on the web. Its ridiculously easy to use, its quick and it has the results that you would hope for when attempting to track down someone.

Now there's no excuse for having to lose touch with anyone, no excuse for not attempting to find someone who you hold near and dear to your heart.



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